ATA-Xtreme(XMA) is a combination of techniques, methods of movements and philosophies from all martial arts styles. It incorporates various, athletic disciplines, including gymnastics, acrobatics, dance and performance arts acting, theatre, live performance and street performance.


ATA-Xtreme takes a student's current skill level to the "Extreme" level and challenges the students to become better than they thought possible, both in mind and body.


With XMA we train and condition our bodies to test our physical limits, but at the same time, through this training, we also develop mental strength and tenacity to aid in overcoming physical challenges. Life presents us with many obstacles on all different levels, and XMA is here to help you feel more confident in dealing with these challenges, mentally, physically and emotionally.


If you or your children are interested in attending our ATA-Xtreme classes, please don't hesitate to contact us and speak to an instructor right away!

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